* Fully promises and declares as follows:
1. I am a cizen of India and have been approved for sale of I.M.D.S Limited, Nidhi Limited, MUP Scheme, Deposit Scheme, and Central Scheme. (Post:_____________________________)
2. I acknowledge that all of I.M.D.S plans, projects and programs have nothing to do with my personal other dealings.
3. I agree that the use of adversements (Logos, Banners, Vising Cards, Leer Heads and Adversements of all the organizaons) and leers for the work of I.M.D.S will not be used except for the work of the organizaon.
4. I agree that I will not use the name and adversement of the organizaon for personal work and adversement.
5. I acknowledge that the organizaon reserves the right to take legal acon without noce and to terminate my official posion and membership in case of misconduct and misconduct in the terms, condions, adversements, projects, deposits and other maers provided by the organizaon.
6. I do not belong to any polical party.
7. I have no criminal record since birth.
8. I have the capacity to undergo training on all schemes and projects of IMDS and I will complete the training in 15 days.
9. I am familiar with local and essenal languages.
10. I have been given a job descripon.
11. The place I menoned as the residence is own/rented.
12. I have understood and accepted all the terms and condions.
13. I will not appoint anyone without the permission of the organizaon.
14. I will keep all online and offline records as per the guidance and instrucons of IMDS Ltd.
15. I agree to the terms and condions of the present and I agree to abide by the terms and condions of the future update of IMDS Ltd.
16. I cerfy that I am competent for financial transacons and official administraon. I will nofy the organizaon from me to me if there are any interrupons in my work.
17. I know that any misleading and misleading informaon I provide to the customer will not be liable to the organizaon and my membership and rights will be revoked.
18. I agree that I have to work in accordance with the terms and condions of the plan and program given to me.
19. I will work in the work area where I am given to.
20. I will apply for contract renewal aer the compleon of the annual contract.
21. I will return all rights, documents, informaon sheets to the organizaon within 15 days aer the contract property is canceled or completed.
22. I will be subject to legal acon if I use everything aer the agreement, it will be my responsibility to renew the agreement within 15 days.
23. I agree that my rights are not permied in the Consultancy Agreement, if it is pointed out that the Agreement will be terminated.
24. Agrees that the members involved in the work of the organizaon will not create groups in Whatsapp and social networks without the consent of the organizaon and will use social media properly as per the terms and condions of the organizaon.
25. If the requirements from the organizaon are incomplete, I will send suggesons and expectaons to the organizaon through official mail.
26. I assure you, I have not joined any markeng plan elsewhere.
27. The organizaon has given me at 20 days to resign.
28. To keep confidenal informaon and details about the organizaon confidenal under any circumstances.
29. Everything will remain my responsibility ll the money deposited in the form is credited to the account.

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